As I’m sure most of you know who actually follow me here and pay attention, I’ve been largely absent for months. I haven’t been writing, either blog posts or books, and I’ve been pretty much off social media author wise. I have been on my personal social media, so I can’t say it was a complete hiatus, but it was close.

So…Updates. I bought a house. I love it, but it needs work and that’s what I’ve largely been doing. Also, my life got exponentially more chaotic. I’m a single mother and I now have to commute to take my kids to school. It’s only twenty minutes each direction, but it breaks up my day. My youngest son is also special needs and I have responsibilities there. Not to mention extra curricular activities. Save me from the extra curricular activities. lol

Another side effect of being a new home owner is my expenses have gone way up. It is not cheaper to own than rent in my case because I was renting from family who were giving me a break because of my situation. I’m struggling financially a lot more, and unfortunately, when I need to write the most so I can make some sort of income, the stress is killing my creativity. I recently took some steps I’m not sure were the best decision but were the only one I could make to relieve the stress a little. I was able to actually start book 3 afterward, so for now, I think I did the right thing. However, it’s only a stop gap measure, so I need to get on the ball.

First announcement: For those of you who are in my reader group on Facebook here, I have chosen a moderator to help me out. I’m obviously terrible at remembering to keep the group active, so she will be posting and employing her sharp stick when I forget to do my authorly sharing duties or pick winners for contests or any of the other multitude of brain farts I have when it comes to keeping the reader group moving. lol I’m not posting her name here, but it’ll be in the reader group.

Second announcement: The first words of book 3 have been written and I actually feel like writing. But…and this is a big but…I’m not killing myself. On top of the financial struggles I’m experiencing, the pressure I was putting on myself to get a book out at a certain time was also stifling me. I’m doing this like I did book 1. I’m taking my time and not forcing it. I want to give you the best book possible and I want to do justice to my characters and their story. I can’t do that if I’m not giving my story the care it deserves. Once the book is sent to my betas and I make appointments with my editor, proofreader, and formatter, I’ll update you all on a release date. I still have responsibilities to meet as an editor also, and I will not let the authors who trust me with their words down.

Overall, I plan to start blogging again. About books, my random thoughts, words I need to get out, whatever. I will be writing and editing, and I will, with the help of my trusty new moderator, be doing better with my social media presence. Thank you to all who stuck through this time of silence. ❤